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Individual and Family Health

ACA On Exchange (Marketplace)
ACA Off Exchange (Direct)
Short Term Major Medical

It begins with ACA and ends with, well, an incredible list of acronyms and potentially confusing terminology. What do they all mean? Here is a quick overview of the basic terminology.

  • ACA - refers to the Affordable Care Act legislation that was established to change the requirements for insurance. All health insurance policies must comply with government-regulated ACA guidelines.

  • On Exchange – ACA policies purchased through which typically include government subsidies.

  • Off Exchange – ACA-compliant policies offered by private insurers. No government subsidies.

  • Short Term Major Medical – policies that are underwritten and can be purchased outside of the ACA enrollment period. They cover the insured for less than a year.

  • Healthshare Organizations – not insurance policies. These are non-profit organizations that coordinate members in the sharing of healthcare costs.

These definitions only scratch the surface of what you need to know to make good health insurance decisions. From HMOs to PPOs to HSAs, there are many different types of policies, coverage options, doctor networks and out of pocket expense considerations. While you could read about these online, you can also give us a call and we will explain them to you quickly and easily. We're here to help!

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