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Agent or Research on Your Own?

Many people wonder whether it's better to consult an insurance agent or do the research on their own. The short answer is that agents know things the internet won't tell you, and their service is free to you. We take a consultative approach when dealing with our clients.

So what about people who love to do online research and learn new industries? Well, we certainly appreciate an educated client! But if you're thinking of going it alone, nothing beats the personal experience of an agent who has worked with thousands of clients and their unique life, health and group situations.

The internet often presents tons of information that is difficulte to sort through. It won't tell you the underwriting trends of life insurance companies or which company will give you the best rating based on your pre-existing medical conditions. The internet won't suggest strategies for your specific retirement situation, help you enroll your small group, or answer complicated questions that go beyond the standard information. That's why we are here.

But doesn't using an agent make your premiums higher? Absolutely not! You pay the same price whether an agent helps you or you go directly to the carrier to sign up.

So how do the two stack up?

When using the internet, you can:

  • Search multiple pages for the right information.

  • Research all your options before narrowing down the best ones.

  • Learn about different plans offered by each insurance company.

  • Request quotes from each insurer and receive follow-up calls from each in-house sales agent.

  • Call the generic customer service lines if you problems finding and filling out online applications.

  • Call the company to check on the status of your insurance, or wait to receive a policy in the mail.

  • Read online about new legislation and industry changes every year during the health insurance renewal window.

  • Start the process all over if you have any major life changes.

  • Miss out on a really great birthday card from your insurance agent.

When using an Insurance Agent, you can:

  • Talk to someone who knows the right strategies for your situation.

  • Get questions answered as you think of them.

  • Receive unbiased recommendations that are in your best interest.

  • Have an advocate who can help you avoid gaps in coverage, common application mistakes, and unreliable companies.

  • Deal with only one person, rather than company reps.

  • Get fast, personal service when you have questions.

  • Receive updates that apply to your insurance policies as regulations change.

  • Have someone on call to help quickly when you have a major life change.

  • Receive automatic updates and renewal information during the annual health insurance open enrollment period.

  • Get that AMAAAAZING birthday card...

While we may be joking about the importance of a birthday card, the reality is that personal service is what makes the difference in any industry. We care about you, and we will be there when you need us.

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